A.C.E and UNB’s Chan injured in a car accidentA.C.E and UNB’s…

A.C.E and UNB’s Chan injured in a car accident

A.C.E and UNB’s Chan involved in a car accident

On August 6, it was reported that A.C.E and UNB member Chan was involved in a car accident while on the way to a personal schedule.

According to the report, Chan was on his way back to Seoul after completing a personal schedule and his car got into a three-car rear-end collision around 3PM KST today (August 6).

After receiving a medical examination, he injured his forehead during the crash which he was taken quickly to the emergency room of the Severance Hospital at Yonsei University.

A.C.E’s agency, Beat Interactive revealed that they have cancelled Chan’s current schedule for him to recover.

Chan was supposed to reunite with A.C.E in Japan on August 7th, 9th and 11th for their concert and promotion activities. His agency revealed that he is unlikely to join A.C.E on August 7th but will determine his schedule after receiving the exact diagnosis.

We hope Chan is okay and has a speedy recovery!

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