Actor & MC Lee Seo Won Under Investigation For Sexually…

Actor & MC Lee Seo Won Under Investigation For Sexually Assaulting & Threatening Female Celebrity

Lee Seo Won was revealed to have sexually assaulted and threatened a female celebrity.

On May 16th, it has been confirmed that actor and ‘Music Bank’ MC, Lee Seo Won, is under investigation for sexually assaulting and threatening with a weapon a female celebrity.

According to Seoul Gwangjin Police Station, a complaint was filed to the prosecution earlier this month. They said, “The victim was a female entertainer. We sent Lee’s case to the prosecutor’s office earlier this month.”

It is said that Lee Seo Won attempted to have physical contact, such as kissing, with the female celebrity while having a drink together with her. Lee Seo Won continued to make advances while continuously being rejected. The female celebrity then called her boyfriend for help, which angered Lee Seo Won and threatened her with a weapon.

A police officer said, “Lee Seo Won was drunk and is under police investigation. He shouted at a police officer and yelled at him.”

Blossom Entertainment, Lee Seo Won’s agency said, “We learned that he was drinking with a friend at a private place when the incident happened. We have no excuse. We bow down to everyone and apologize.”

“Lee Seo Won acknowledges the trouble he has caused for the female celebrity and deeply reflects on his wrong actions. Once again, we sincerely apologize to everyone.”

Lee Seo Won is currently an MC for ‘Music Bank’ and is scheduled to appear in tvN’s drama ‘About Time’.