Banana Culture responds to reports of EXID Solji’s…

Banana Culture responds to reports of EXID Solji’s comeback

On July 27, EXID Solji recently participated in the jacket shooting for the group’s Japanese debut album ‘UP & DOWN’ with the rest of the members, which was posted on EXID’s Official Japanese account.

Banana Culture revealed that EXID’s Solji is cleared by her doctor, her health will be monitored and will be cautious of her hyperthyroidism, in case of it returning. They continued by saying Solji participated in the photo jacket shooting and recording of their Japanese debut album. 

They concluded by saying they are still in the discussion if Solji will be participating in the upcoming promotions in Japan and will make a final decision in early August.

EXID Solji was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in December 2016 and went on hiatus to undergo surgery and focus on her health.

EXID will be releasing their Japanese debut single album ‘UP & DOWN’ on August 22.

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