[BREAKING] SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon passes awayOn July 27, WYNN…

[BREAKING] SPECTRUM’s Dongyoon passes away

On July 27, WYNN Entertainment announced that SPECTRUM member, Dongyoon has passed away. It was revealed that he passed away earlier today (July 27).

WYNN Entertainment stated; “This is WYNN Entertainment. We apologize for suddenly conveying this sad news. Our agency’s artist and SPECTRUM member Kim Dong Yoon left our side on July 27. His family members, SPECTRUM members, and all the staff at WYNN Entertainment are grieving with a heavy heart over this sudden sad news. We are so heartbroken and sorry to be conveying this sad news to Dong Yoon’s fans, who sincerely loved and generously encouraged him. According to the wishes of the family of the deceased, his funeral will be held quietly. We express our condolences for his final path.”

Kim Dongyoon, who is only 20 years old, recently made his debut with SPECTRUM on May 10th this year with ‘Light It Up’ and previously participated on ‘MIXNINE’.

We send our condolences to his family, friends and to the members of SPECTRUM. May he rest in peace.

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