BTS Suga Was Followed And Assaulted by a Sasaeng FanBTS member…

BTS Suga Was Followed And Assaulted by a Sasaeng Fan

BTS member Suga has been followed to the airport, and assaulted by a Sasaeng fan at the airport.

A Japanese fansite of Suga (BREAKER309) has been following and chasing Suga at the airport.

This said Japanese fansite has been invading Suga’s privacy, have been taking endless pictures and videos of him (even posting & flaunting it in her social media accounts), and even following them in their flights.

A video taken by this mentioned sasaeng fan was shared online.

She was trailing behind Suga, and suddenly, she had slapped/touched his arm.

It was clearly seen on the video that Suga got hurt after he was touched/slapped by this said sasaeng.

This sasaeng fan went on twitter, and even tried justified her actions. She claimed that she ‘barely’ hitted Suga, and even stated that he has a ‘bad personality’.