Controversy Rises As Chinese Show Edits & Portrays SNSD’s…

Controversy Rises As Chinese Show Edits & Portrays SNSD’s Seohyun & Son Ye Jin As Deceased

A Chinese show portrays Seohyun and Son Ye Jin as deceased.

According to reports, pictures of Korean and Japanese entertainers appeared in the April 27 broadcast of Chinese Mango TV, in an escape room show.

In the broadcast, there were photographs of Korean actresses Son Ye Jin and Seohyun, as well as members of Japanese group Arashi photoshopped. The photographs portrayed them as deceased.

After the broadcast of the episode, netizens were angry and asked for an apology, saying “How can this be?”, “They should apologize,” and “They should behave with common sense.”

The show released their statement of their official Weibo and said, “The photos which were synthesized randomly on the internet were not intended to offend the images of celebrities.”

However, the controversy still continues.