David & Victoria Beckham’s Son Reportedly Auditioning For…

David & Victoria Beckham’s Son Reportedly Auditioning For New Korean Agency By Former Fantagio CEO

One of the Beckham sons auditioned for a Korean agency.

Recently, news of David and Victoria Beckham’s son, Cruz Beckham, has become a hot topic and received great attention in online communities. An article was released regarding him auditioning for the Korean group ‘The Man’, under a new agency, ‘STARDIUM’, formed by former Fantagio CEO, Na Byeong Joon.


Reports say that ‘The Man’ will be selecting 10 members through a global audition for one month. The group will reportedly be similar to Fantagio’s 5urprise.


STARDIUM said, “There are news going around that David Beckham’s third son is applying for ‘The Man’ audition. We are currently checking the applicants. A lot of non-Koreans have also applied for the audition, not just Koreans. We are looking through the foreign applicants who applied for the first written application round.”

Cruz Beckham has said before that he was dreaming of becoming the second Justin Bieber while on a British TV program.

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