DIA’s Chaeyeon cast as lead for upcoming KBS drama ‘To…

DIA’s Chaeyeon cast as lead for upcoming KBS drama ‘To Jenny’

Chaeyeon will be the female lead in an upcoming drama.

MBK Entertainment announced that DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon will be starring in the upcoming KBS drama ‘To Jenny’.

‘To Jenny’ is a romantic-music drama that will show the feelings of first love with a mixture of music.

Chaeyeon said, “It is exciting and meaningful as well to be cast as the leading role. I thought it seemed burdensome because it was a music drama at first. I felt like I had to work harder because I am lacking in a lot of things, but I will think of it as another challenge. I am grateful to the producers of ‘To Jenny’ for casting me. I will do my best to show good scenes for the viewers.”

Kim Sung-cheol will be acting alongside Jung Chaeyeon.

The drama will air on July 10.