f(x) Amber Signs With Steel Wool Entertainment For Her USA…

f(x) Amber Signs With Steel Wool Entertainment For Her USA Advancement

f(x) Amber has officially signed an exclusive contract with Steel Wool Entertainment for her US advancement.

On July 10, it has been revealed to the public that f(x) member has signed an exclusive contract with Kevin Morrow’s Steel Wool Entertainment.

When Kevin Morrow was asked to why he have decided to cast Amber in his agency, he said, “Between all the movements going on and all of her music is so positive, it couldn’t be more timely,” Morrow says. “Her message is the message of female empowerment right now. I think that’s great. And Amber can sing, rap and dance. There are not a lot of people who can do all three and she can write. And she produces her own videos. She is one of those rare talents that can do just about everything. So at a time when you see this stuff start to cross over, she’s someone with urban leanings, but at the same time she can do a pop song, so I can’t think of a better time for her to put out her own material. Her new music will be a mixture of everything. She’ll be doing K-Pop stuff, she’s gonna be straight-up rap, it’s gonna be a little bit of everything.”

It has also been revealed that Amber will be one of the official ambassadors of brand Nike and Redken.

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