GFriend Impress Netizens With Their Cover of BTS’ ‘Fake…

GFriend Impress Netizens With Their Cover of BTS’ ‘Fake Love’

GFriend truly never disappoints!

On GFriend’s recent appearance on JTBC’s Idol Room, they covered one of BTS’ hit song, ‘Fake Love’.

K-Netizens are very impressed with GFriend’s cover of BTS’ Fake Love!

Netizens’ Comements:

ㅇㅇ |  Seriously, you have to do it like this to be considered a cover

ㅇㅇ | Wow, army dance…. they did good and they are pretty to bootㅋ SinB smirking and blowing the kiss at the end looked like 2 different people

ㅇㅇ | SinB is awesome

ㅇㅇ | Seriously good; Gfriend really has no hole anywhere

ㅇㅇ | They are seriously a group that can pull off army dances. They are on a different level when it comes to covers too

ㅇㅇ | I’m a fan of another group but they are seriously one of the best dancers in the 3rd generation of idols

source: pannchoa