Gong Yoo’s Fanclub ‘YOO&I’ Donates 16…

Gong Yoo’s Fanclub ‘YOO&I’ Donates 16 Million Won To The Children’s Leukemia Foundation in Celebration of His 40th Birthday

On the 10th, YOO&I, the official fan club of Actor Gong Yoo, revealed to have donated 16 million won to the Children’s Leukemia Foundation in commemoration of the 40th birthday of the Actor.

This donation will be supported by the Korean Leukemia Foundation for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.

This is not the first time that his fan club have done a good deed towards the less fortunate. Last year, they have donated 14 million won to celebrate the Actor’s 39th birthday. This is the second donation that the group have done, and the cumulative contribution made by the fan club is 30 million won.

The Foundation issued a donation certificate on July 10th. The certificate includes a message addressing Gong Yoo’s 40th birthday, and praying that all the children in the world will be unharmed and happy.

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