K-Netizens Are Totally Loving BTS’ Jungkook New…

K-Netizens Are Totally Loving BTS’ Jungkook New Hairstyle!

K-Netizens can’t help but to gush over BTS’ Jungkook, for his new looks!


Jungkook has been going back and forth between black and brown hair for 3 years now, and seeing him in another hair color got their ARMYs, (and netizens) gushing and drooling for him!

Netizens’ comments:


He was pretty on this day but he was also pretty in Taiwan


Who said that he only looked good with black hair? His bagel-ness is solid


Seriously, he’s the prettiest and the most refreshing. He’s so pretty when he smiles ㅜㅜㅜ


Look at his b&w picture… he suits everything


He suits cherry hair so much

source/trans: pannchoa