Lee Seo Won Removed From MC Position on ‘Music Bank’ and Role in…

Lee Seo Won Removed From MC Position on ‘Music Bank’ and Role in Drama ‘About Time’ Following Sexual Harassment Charges

On May 17, Lee Seo Won has been removed from his position as MC on KBS’s music program ‘Music Bank’ and his role in the drama ‘About Time’ following sexual harassment charges.

The actor has been charged with sexual harassment after sexually harassing a female celebrity and threatened her with a knife after she rejected his attempt at kissing and making other physical contacts with her.

A music bank official has revealed that “After the reports of the incident on MC Lee Seo Won, we checked on the facts of the situation with his agency, and we have decided on Lee Seo Won’s removal from the program. For the time being, ‘Music Bank’ will cast various special MCs to be paired with current MC LABOUM Solbin.”

The drama he has recently been confirmed to act in ‘About Time’ has also announced his removal from the drama and will search for a new actor to replace him and reshoot scenes that have involved Lee Seo Won.

A representative of the drama ‘About Time’ has stated “Lee Seo Won will be taken down from the casts of ‘About Time’ and will be replaced with another actor. He has shot some of the scenes but not the most important ones yet. There’ll be no change for the 1st broadcast schedule (May 21).“

“Lee Seo Won’s role in the drama was the director of a musical that the female lead appears in, and as it is a supporting role in a subplot that is separate from the lead characters’ story, it does not have a lot of screen time. However, despite it being a subplot, it is one of the many diverse stories within the drama, and therefore the whole story cannot be removed. 

“Therefore, we will be replacing him with a different actor and re-filming. ’About Time’ began filming last February and so there is enough footage that has been set aside. Therefore, even though the relevant scenes will be re-filmed, it has been determined that there will be no setbacks in the broadcast schedule.”

“The production crew will do our best in the future so that the drama production will be carried out amicably and we can provide viewers with a good drama. In addition, please note that the ‘About Time’ press conference scheduled for May 17 (Thursday) will go ahead as planned.”

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