MASC 26 announces departure from the group and speaks about ACE…

MASC 26 announces departure from the group and speaks about ACE assaulting Chibin incident

On July 30, MASC member 26 announced on his person Instagram account, “First of all, I want to address my position in the group that has been discussed since March. I needed to make a decision taking into account my military requirements, the aftereffects of the 2016 car accident I was involved in, and my desire to go down the career path of a director. MASC is everything for me, something that holds my precious childhood dreams. However, many situations worry that the divide between reality and expectations may hurt others, and realizing that my direction and ideas do not align with the agency led me to the decision to leave the group rather than to just go on a break. It’s an unfortunate situation. However, it’s something I felt the need to go over. This was something I should have told you earlier, but I pushed it back because I felt so bad and now I am very late. I apologize for causing you concern and disappointment. I will be leaving MASC.”

He continued by speaking of the time he wanted to become a director, how his life was affected by a major accident that occurred before his debut with MASC, the burden of not doing enough in the group, and his decision to leave the group.

“Thanks to our fans, I was able to achieve my dreams as 26, and though this sounds a little corny, it was because of you that I was able to fly higher. Despite this, I hope you can understand that behind my statement of ‘I want to let go a little’ are many things and situations I can’t put down in words. This is a decision I made to minimize the waiting and damages, and I will return with news once I have a clearer idea of what I will do or after I have rested my mind and soul. Thank you for always supporting me.” 

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He later posted another post to speak about the situation involving Chibin being assaulted by former MASC member ACE, explaining that he took no sides, how the agency could have handled it better and how pent-up emotions with one another led to the assault.

“On that rainy day, as you all know, ACE hit Chibin with an umbrella. That is an indisputable fact, and something ACE was in the wrong for. However, there was no ‘stone wall’ there. It was just an alleyway. The current telling of the event is that Chibin was hit with an umbrella and the vinyl was ripped from the umbrella to create a skewer, but would the members next to them really have stood still if this had happened? Never. When the argument broke out, we kept watching over their conversation hoping they would talk things out as it was an issue between the two of them. In that process, voices were raised, and the members around ACE and Chibin were unable to manage the unexpected situation. What I can say for certain is that we held back both of them before things could break out into a fight. ACE is the one who started the physical assault, and he did hit Chibin with the umbrella, but there were many members next to them. We did not stand by. We held ‘both of them’ back in order to calm them down and not result in a big fight.

“If this had been a ‘one-sided assault situation,’ the members would have been holding back just ‘one’ of them, not ‘both.’ ‘Both’ of them were emotionally riled up and on the verge of getting into a physical fight, so we tried to defuse the situation and no fists were thrown. The argument led to agitation, and everyone was surprised and taken aback by Chibin’s injuries. Our leader arrived late to the situation and once he’d calmed things down, he took the injured member to the hospital, and as I am the same age as him, I stayed with ACE to get a handle over the situation as I wasn’t sure if the younger members would be able to.

“I will not write about what Chibin and ACE discussed or what they discussed with the agency as I was not there to hear it directly. This is what I saw as I stood next to them. My only wish is that MASC, MASC’s members, and the many fans who are worried about MASC will no longer be hurt by misunderstandings and distortions. This situation is an issue that must be resolved between the two members, MASC, and the agency.

“Once again, I ask that people stop posting meaningless posts, and if their truths to uncover, it is something the two of them need to settle on their own. If there are parts of the story that they want justified, it should be dealt with in the courts. I just don’t want MASC, which is so precious to me, to get hurt anymore. I will never forget the love our fans have given to MASC. Thank you.”

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