MASC’s Chibin uploads a worrying Instagram post about being…

MASC’s Chibin uploads a worrying Instagram post about being attacked by a fellow member

On July 26, MASC member Chibin uploaded a worrying Instagram post about being attacked by a fellow member from his group.

It detailed that he has been abused and assaulted by an older member of MASC, which has left scars around his body and face.

“You’ve committed a crime and it seems like you want to run away. It seems like you don’t intend to apologize at all for the scars you gave me physically and emotionally that day, hyung. You’re the only one I unfollowed, hyung, and you ask me why? Because it gave me chills to think of you uploading comments like nothing happened. I think that you’re reading this. If I look okay to you, that’s a huge mistake. Every time I lie down at night with the lights off, I think of that day. The scars I see on my face in the mirror, don’t think that they were nothing or belong in the past. I can never forget that day. The day when my blood fell in drops like rain and I crouched on the floor crying.”

Pictures of his facial injuries were uploaded to Twitter by someone claiming to be a friend of Chibin, but were quickly deleted. The images were quickly saved by fans.

(DISCLAIMER: The following post contains images that may be disturbing to some readers. Image1 and Image2)

MASC debuted in 2016 as eight and went through a major line-up change when four members left and four new members were added, which included Chibin in 2017.

Chibin’s worrying Instagram post claims that there are trouble and conflict in the group and agency. He stated that he does not follow the ‘hyung’ on social media and fans found that Chibin did not follow ACE, who is seven years older than him. But nothing is confirmed by the agency, the members or Chibin himself.

Another friend of Chibin has uploaded an update about the situation.