MOMOLAND To Make Their Comeback in late-JuneAfter the success…

MOMOLAND To Make Their Comeback in late-June

After the success of ‘Bboom Bboom’, MOMOLAND are reportedly going to make their comeback in late June with their fourth mini-album.

According to a press official, MOMOLAND will be making their comeback in late-June. After the release of their successful third mini album “GREAT!” five months ago, MOMOLAND will comeback and will show their charm again.

MOMOLAND are currently in preparations for making their debut in Japan on June 13, as ‘Bboom Bboom’ is still trending and popular in Japan.

MOMOLAND is also to set to tour around the world in the second half of 2018 and expected to continue to become trendy since their debut in 2016 after their song ‘Bboom Bboom’ is still around the top of the charts.


Dublekick Entertainment has confirmed that MOMOLAND will be making their comeback.

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