Netizens furious at photo zone booth at KCON LA as gugudan…

Netizens furious at photo zone booth at KCON LA as gugudan Mina’s face is cut off

Netizens have vented their frustration at KCON LA, as gugudan Mina’s face is cut off in the photo zone.

On August 8th, when KCON LA commenced, netizens are frustrated with the convention and to the booth, as they cut off gugudan Mina’s face off on the photo zone.

They found the act as disrespectful to Mina and gugudan, and have vented what and whose decision was this upon planning in the MBC America’s store ‘KIYOMEE’, which is an online store that sells goods related to the programs on MBC.

The photo board was taken on MBC’s music program ‘Show! Music Core’, which featured the emcees WANNA ONE Ong Seung Woo, NCT Mark and gugudan Mina, who’s face is cut off. The photo board is intended for fans to take a photo with WANNA ONE Ong Seung Woo and NCT Mark.

Netizens have recently commented on the disrespectful action of the booth.

“WTF. What is this? Yall playing with me? Aren’t female idols MCs too? Only because you would think that more fans would like to be in her spot, do you have the right to cut off her face? Mina is also the MC! You didn’t even make a separate stand with the male idols’ faces cut off to make it even! Isn’t this too transparent? So annoyed, there are people who went to go see Mina’s face too.”

Other netizens also have commented on the booth’s action on Twitter.

  • “Is this how people treat girl group fans? Are you all just scared of boy group fans?” “How would Mina feel about this? Even I am this angry.” “It might have been a tad bit better had they cut off her entire position – not just her face…”
  • “I am so sorry Mina, on behalf of all this.”

International fans have also vented their frustration towards the booth.

The MBC America’s store ‘KIYOMEE’ on Instagram (@iam_kiyomee) has since apologised for their disrespectful action towards gugudan’s Mina.

We removed the photo zone. We apologize again to Mina and her fan.

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