Politician discusses possible military exemption for K-Pop Idols…

Politician discusses possible military exemption for K-Pop Idols like BTS

On July 25, a politician, Ha Tae Kyung who is known to be an assembly member proposed an amendment to determine who receives a special exemption from mandatory military service at The National Assembly Defense Commission meeting.

He stated, “There are requests for BTS to be exempt from mandatory military service, so I examined the list of international competitions that determine the exemptions and found that there is a problem in terms of fairness. If you win first place in a classical music competition such as for the violin or the piano, you’re given an exemption from mandatory military service, but if you take first place on Billboard with popular music, you are not given an exemption…”

The assembly member used Psy as an example, as he has reached a large number of views from YouTube and is a great influence around the world.

He continued with, “However, everything that is capable of giving dreams and inspiration to the younger generation has been omitted from the military exemption list. First place in a ballet competition is on (the list), but there’s no first place for b-boys on it. There are also none of the gaming competitions that are dominating in the world, and while the field of theatre is there, a film is not.

As Ha Tae Kyung demanded a reform to be made in accordance to the young generation of South Korea, Military Affairs Director Ki Chan Soo responded, “The military service exemption fields are selected through our discussions with the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. It is difficult if there is no national consensus. It will be reviewed so that it may be in accordance with reality.”

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