Red Velvet’s summer comeback to feature title track ‘Power Up’…

Red Velvet’s summer comeback to feature title track ‘Power Up’ and ‘Bad Boy’ English version

On July 30, it was announced that Red Velvet’s summer comeback ‘Summer Magic’ will feature the album’s title track ‘Power Up’.

The mini-album will feature 6 songs including a hidden track, which is only for those who buy the physical album.

The title track ‘Power Up’ is an addictive and up-tempo pop song with 8-bit sounds, cute hook and exciting lyrics. It will show Red Velvet’s refreshing charm and summer atmosphere.

It was confirmed with SM Entertainment that there is a connection between the ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’ album and their upcoming ‘Summer Magic’, which will feature the English version of ‘Bad Boy’. The group gave a small teaser of the English version of ‘Bad Boy’ at KCON NY 2018. 

Red Velvet will be making their summer comeback with ‘Summer Magic’ on August 6 at 6PM KST.

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