Suzy has been sued by Once Pictures for her post about the…

Suzy has been sued by Once Pictures for her post about the petition regarding Yang Yewon’s case

On June 11, Once Picture studio has sued Suzy with a civil suit for her post about the petition on Instagram regarding the Yang Yewon’s sexual harassment case which was previously planned.

The post she made on Instagram of the screencap of the petition regarding the case listed the wrong studio, causing irreversible damage to the studio.

JYP Entertainment has revealed they have not received the suit yet.

Suzy posted on Instagram a screencap of a Blue House petition titled ‘Hap Jung XXXX Illegal Nude Filming.’ in regards to Yang Yewon’s sexual assault story who named Once Pictures as the studio (which was false, as it was remodelled by a new owner under its name after the incident occurred). The petition has gained over 100,000 supporters to punish those responsible for the sexual assault and spreading the exposing images.

Suzy has recently stated that she learnt about the new studio and clarified that it was the wrong one and apologised to the current owner of Once Pictures on May 19. 

“I recently learned about a studio receiving damages due to the change in ownership and studio name, which was in the recent government petition that I signed in support for. It felt like there was more damage done because I had shown support, and so I’d like to relay my apologies to the studio. Even though it was about doing something good, it’s definitely my fault for not looking carefully. Even now, I feel like I must let people know that this studio does not have anything to do with this issue, which is why I am posting this. But still, apart from this, I hope that those who are seeking for the truth to be revealed about this case continue hoping for that.”

As they issued a statement to take legal action against the writer of the petition, the person who influenced the petition (Suzy) and the malicious comments towards the studio from the damages that the studio has incurred.

The case took a turn when Yang Yewon’s text messages were revealed through Dispatch where she continued to go to the studio to gain money for her tuition. Then took another turn when the owner of the studio was fined for touching a female model last November and is currently being investigated for a case in 2008. It was also revealed that there have been six victims instead of four including Yang Yewon. The police are currently investigating the validity of the text messages between Yang Yewon and the alleged studio. 

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