VICTON Hanse to participate in ‘Show Me The Money 777’On July 7,…

VICTON Hanse to participate in ‘Show Me The Money 777’

On July 7, on VICTON Hanse announced that he will be participating in the new seventh season of Mnet’s rap survival show ‘Show Me The Money 777′ through VICTON’s official Instagram account with two audition videos.

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Plan A Entertainment stated that “Hanse had always wanted to appear on ‘Show Me The Money’ since he believes that it would be a good experience, as well as a chance to build on his skills. Thus, he ended up signing up during the open recruitment period because he happened to have the opportunity. So, we ask you to give him a lot of anticipation.”

VICTON Hanse is announced to be the first idol confirmed for this season of ‘Show Me The Money 777′.

The seventh season of ‘Show Me The Money’ will be airing sometime in September.

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