WANNA ONE’s sasaengs trespass into the group’s hotel…

WANNA ONE’s sasaengs trespass into the group’s hotel rooms + Swing Entertainment responds

WANNA ONE recently held their world tour concert ‘ONE : THE WORLD’ in Hong Kong on July 29th.

WANNA ONE fans recently started noticing sasaengs trespassing the into the hotel room of WANNA ONE, as WANNA ONE was resting.

Fans noticed that sasaengs gave a large sum of money to the hotel staff to give them the master key of the hotel.

Sasaengs firstly invaded WANNA ONE member Park Jihoon’s hotel room and filmed around the room. After taking a shower, Park Jihoon went outside to his bedroom and saw all the sasaengs surrounding him in the room. The ordeal was filmed by the sasaeng and posted online to their Instagram story before taking it down.


The sasaengs are also following the members as they go workout in the gym and waiting outside their rooms for the members as they also booked a room on the same floor.


On a recent show, Jisung is filmed calling and texting worrying for Daehwi’s safety.


Lee Daehwi: Okok ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yoon Jisung: *sends call* *no answer*
Lee Daehwi: ??
Yoon Jisung: Did you just open and close the door?

After the ordeal was trending on social media, Swing Entertainment released a statement regarding the situation of the disrespectful behaviour of these people.